Topics covered in Nursery Spring Term 2019


The work of the Nursery aims to foster self-confidence, self-esteem and an eagerness to learn while giving the children a degree of choice, responsibility and independence which is in line with the Foundation Stage curriculum.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be focusing on developing the children’s role playing skills which involve listening to each other, taking turns in conversation and sharing ideas and resources when playing.

Communication, language and literacy

In communication and language we are encouraging the children to use speech to connect ideas, give explanations and to pretend.

Reading - We will be focusing on storytelling and how stories are structured. We aim to develop the understanding that stories have a beginning and an end. We are also focusing on developing an understanding of rhymes and rhyming words. When reading with your child, please get them to talk about the characters in the story, what is happening and to suggest how they think the story might end. The children should show interest in books and looks at them independently and know that print carries meaning. They should start to hear and say initial sounds in words. We will begin teaching Phonics this term.


Give meaning to marks. Use some clear or familiar identifiable letters to communicate.


Number: - We will be focusing on counting and learning more than and one less than and using language such as ‘more’ and ‘few’ to compare. We will be matching number to quantity, comparing numbers and counting an irregular arrangement of up to ten objects. We will also be looking at how numbers are used in the environment. Please point out numbers on doors, buses and cars when walking with your child. Look around the home and see where numbers can be found and how they are used.

Shape: - We will be focusing on identifying shapes in the environment. When out with your child or at home, get them to look around and see where they can see 2D shapes like triangles, circles, rectangles and squares e.g. paving stones are square and clocks are usually circular and recognise 3D shapes like cubes, spheres, cuboids and pyramids.

Understanding the World

During Computing the children will be working with remote controlled toys and digital cameras. They will also be interacting with a variety of software linking to all areas of the curriculum. The children will begin to explore the ‘2Simple’ software this term.

Our work this term will also be linked to the topic of ‘People who help us’ and ‘Growth and Change’. We will be learning about different occupations such as police, firefighters and paramedics and how they help us. We will also look at changes in our environment and how plants grow.

Physical Development

Please support your child with developing their pencil grip and encourage them to hold the pencil between their thumb and two fingers. Please also support your child with copying some letters from their name. This term we will also be focusing on keeping healthy through healthy eating and exercise and looking after their teeth. P.E lessons are in the mornings. Please ensure your child is wearing a tracksuit and PE shoes. No tights on these days please. Please encourage your child to dress and undress themselves.


Expressive arts and design

This term we are focusing on:-

  • Making up songs and tapping out simple rhythms when playing the instruments.
  • Describing the texture of things.
  • Finding different ways to join materials when making models from junk materials.
  • Encouraging the children to build stories when playing with the toys.



Remember that they will be working inside and out and also going for their P.E lessons, so be sure they have a warm coat and sensible footwear for the rain (wellington boots), mud, running and climbing.


Book bags :

All children must have a book bag. Your child will be given a reading book to take home twice a week, so please make sure that your child brings their book bag into school. It is important that you read with your child and write a comment in their reading record book. Please do not put drinks or food in the book bag.



All children in the Nursery are entitled to free milk, however you must complete an application in order to receive this for your child. If milk does not suit your child, you can send in a bottle of water. Please do not send in any other kind of drinks.



We would really like you to support us with our cooking activities. Please donate £2.00 this term towards the cost of cooking ingredients. Cooking is a vital part of our activities as it links to all areas of the curriculum.



Miss N Radjabi