Topics covered in Reception Spring Term 2019


Understanding of the World

During this term we will be investigating magnets and finding out how and when we use the forces push and pull. We will also be reading and discussing stories relating to Spring Festivals. The first will be the Chinese New Year, then Holi and Easter. The children will have the opportunity to use age appropriate ICT hardware and operate simple computer software.


Our topic for the first half of this term will be ‘People who help us’. The children will be learning about people in the community such as firefighters, doctors, paramedics, police, nurses etc., and how they help us.

In the second half of term, we will learn about ‘Growth and Change’. We will take a spring walk around the school, looking at the changes in the season and we will also read books about the subject. We will also focus on listening for and recognising letter sounds at the beginning and end of words. The children will be encouraged to read and write simple sentences using their knowledge of initial and final sounds. They will follow a phonics based system to achieve this. They will learn to recognise some of the high frequency words in their everyday text. A list of these words will be given to you.Numeracy

We will be covering the following:

  • Counting and recognising numbers higher than 20.      
  • Writing and ordering numbers to at least 20 and more.
  • Filling in missing numbers in number sequences.      
  • Counting forwards and backwards along number lines.      
  • Addition and subtraction to 10.
  • Making comparisons between numbers and using the terms ‘more or less’.
  • Learning the days of the week and months of the year.

Shape, Space and Measures

  • Use mathematical names for ‘2D’ and ‘3D’ shapes.
  • Order two or three items by length or height.
  • Use everyday language related to time.
  • Begin to use everyday language related to money.
Physical Development

Irish dancing takes place every Friday. The children will also be developing their ball handling skills for games and their ability to balance on different parts of the body and using apparatus. Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E. kit in school on this day. The children will learn the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise.

Expressive Art & Design

The children will learn to recognise repeated sounds using musical instruments and to make sound patterns and matching movements to music. Music lessons will continue every Monday with the music teacher.

Snack time

The children are given a free piece of fruit in the morning. Please remember that the children can buy raisins and fruit from the school tuck-shop to have with their milk in the morning. Alternatively your child could bring in raisins or a piece of fruit to school.


The children will receive homework and a reading book each week. Please take time to read through this book with your child. It is important that your child reads this book more than once and that s/he is given the opportunity to talk about the pictures and track the text while you are reading. It is also important that you continue to read a variety of books to and with your child on a daily basis. The children will be given a spelling test of a few words each week that will have been included in the homework. The spelling test will take place every Thursday.We will talk about healthy eating, looking at fruits and vegetables and looking after their teeth


The children will be taking it in turns to cook once a term. As the cost of ingredients can be quite expensive, we would like you to donate £2.00 towards this for the term.



Mrs H Raval