Year 2

Topics covered in Year 2 Autumn Term 2017



The children will be covering:-

  •  Use of Dictionaries, wordbook, alphabetical order.
  • Extending writing skills, including looking at story structure, and development of characters and events.
  • Extending vocabulary.
  • Consistent use of punctuation in reading and writing including full stops, capital letters, speech marks, commas, exclamation marks, questions marks - to enable reading and writing with expression and fluency.
  • Past and Present tense.
  • Simple and compound sentences using ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’.
  • Looking at different writing genres, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction (to include knowledge of index, glossary and what they are for).
  • Spelling test – every Friday.
  • Handwriting practice – Cursive script, appropriate use of upper and lower case letters.

Library Books

Library time is Wednesday and books should be returned the following Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Please ensure that you read with your child every day. Please ask questions about the pictures on each page and talk about has happened in the book/story and what might happen next.


  • Handling money from 1p - £1 coins – to include addition of money, giving change, notation of money.
  • Addition, subtraction facts to 10 and 20 (mental arithmetic) – the children should have quick mental recall of these.
  • Continue to develop knowledge of place value.
  • x10 x5 x2 tables. Counting in tens. Understand tens and units. Understand place value.
  • Number patterns using 100 square.
  • Arithmetic strategies, including ability to explain working out.
  • Extending mathematical vocabulary.


The children will find out about ‘Living things and their habitats’. This will include learning about how all living things live in habitats to which they are suited. The children will find out about different types of habitats and how they provide for the basic needs of different kinds of plants and animals.

R.E -   Special Times

We will be looking at how different festivals and special days are celebrated in different cultures and religions.


Children will be learning about pitch and rhythm – through songs and symbols.

History – 1st half term

The children will study the ‘Past and Present’. What do artefacts tell us about the past?

Geography – 2nd half term

Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?’ The children will be learning about forms of transport, clothes they may need, travelling and landmarks of different cities and countries.

Art - Mother Nature

Children will be exploring, investigating and learning about features of the natural environment.


The children will be designing a sculpture to represent nature using natural materials. They will plan, design and make their own sculpture.


Our topic for the first half term will be creating a program to move a spaceship across a screen, understanding the properties of position.

The second half of the term we will look at how computer games work.


The children will be working on a new topic ‘Me in My World’. This involves discussions, workshops and activities based on the children’s environments, at school and at home, relationships and how to seek help and assistance.


P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child brings in their full P.E. kit, including trainers, on these days and that at all items are labelled. No earrings or jewellery to be worn during P.E.


Homework will be handed out on Friday and returned on Tuesday. It will include Mathematics, Literacy and Spellings.Allergies or Medical Issues

Please inform the Nursery and the office if your child suffers from any allergy or has a medical concern.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mrs N Salama