Year 2

Topics covered in Year 2 Autumn  Term 2019





We will be continuing to practise cursive handwriting. Children should now be beginning to join letters consistently. Please ensure that your child is holding their pencil correctly. Correct letter formation is also important, as is how they sit.


The children will be continuing to improve their story writing skills, extend their vocabulary and reading and writing poetry. The areas to be covered include content, punctuation, grammatical structure and spelling. In order to make the children more independent let them attempt spellings, praise them if the attempt is nearly right and then correct it. When the children are writing at home, it is a good idea to let them identify their own errors, see if they can correct them, and then help.


This term we will be concentrating on comprehension skills. It is very important that the children have a good understanding of the stories and texts that they read. We will also be concentrating on understanding and using punctuation, as this can increase fluency and expression. Please ensure that your child reads every night and that you read to him/her too, making it an enjoyable experience for you both.


This term we will be covering the following areas:

Number – Multiplying and dividing by 2, 5, 10 and applying this knowledge in everyday situations e.g. dealing with money. Place value of numbers above 100. Ordering numbers to 1000. Counting in tens from random numbers. Recognising and writing numbers above 100. Horizontal addition and subtraction to 100. Mental strategies. Quick recall of pairs of numbers that add to ten and twenty. Fractions, half and quarter, of numbers and shapes. Finding the difference. Using money, finding change. Number words. Data collection.

Shape, Space and Measures

Names of regular 2D and 3D shapes. Symmetry and pattern. Position and movement. Time: days of week, months of year. Reading digital and analogue clocks, o’clock, half past and quarter past and data handling.

If you take the children shopping with you it can be very helpful for them to practise their maths skills. For example, counting or weighing out fruit or vegetables. Comparing prices, e.g. the price of a Tesco tin of beans to a Heinz tin of beans. Using money.


This term the topics we will be covering are ‘Plants’ and ‘the Uses of Materials’. The children will learn how to grow and look after plants and find out why certain materials are used and others are not, due to their properties.


Homework will be given on Friday to be returned on the following Tuesday. Please could you check your child’s homework when it is completed and ensure your children practise their spelling each night. Please sign your child’s homework when completed. School reading books will be changed on Wednesdays. Spelling test on Fridays.


The topics this term include, ’we are photographers’ and ‘we are researchers’. The children will learn to publish newsletters and create animations.


The children will be learning about ‘The seven continents and five oceans’.


The children will be looking at ‘The Great Fire of London’.

Art & D.T. (Design and Technology)

The children will learn to draw and sketch in Art for the topic ‘picture this’. For DT the children will be given the opportunity to make a variety of different houses from junk modelling and other resources.

Religious Education

The children will learn all about what it means to care for our world, including pollution, caring for each other and how we can all contribute to making a better world.


PSHCE is taught once a week on Wednesday and Friday. The children will be learning about keeping clean, being healthy, looking after our teeth, expressing likes and dislikes and learning techniques and strategies to manage their own behaviour in and out of the classroom.


The children will learn ‘Gymnastics’ this term, where they will develop their agility, coordination and jumping skills. They will also be taking part in dance activities later on in the term.   P.E. is on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct school P.E. kit on these days.



Mr P Morrison