Year 3


Topics covered in Year 3 Spring Term 2019


In English this term we will be developing further our use of writing for a variety of audiences. This work will include instructions, poems, reports and creative writing. Children must remember to bring in their reading books each day as they read in school in the morning and in the afternoon. It is essential that you listen to your child’s reading every night. Book bags should be brought to school each day.


In Maths this term we will be covering calculations, word problems, shapes and fractions. There will also be a weekly times tables test. Please ensure you practise the times tables with your child as often as possible.


We will be covering ‘plants’’ and ‘rocks and soils’. We shall be doing a mixture of practical and theoretical lessons.


In Geography our topic will be “world weather” and ‘climate change’. In History we will be studying ‘The Bronze Age’. The children will be looking at how the United Kingdom changed during the Bronze Age. All our school visits will take place in the Summer Term.


In R.E we are studying ‘symbols’ including symbols of all major religions.


This term we will be covering basic classroom objects and colours.

Art and D.T.

In Art we will be investigating ‘patterns’ and in D.T. we will be covering ‘packaging’.


Recorder lessons continue on Monday morning, led by a specialist music teacher from Brent Music Service.


Irish Dancing will continue on Friday mornings with ‘Gymnastics’ and ‘Invasion Games’ on Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct P.E. Kit, including trainers for these days.


The first half of term our topic will be ‘going for goals’, including motivation, dealing with frustration and taking responsibility. In the second half of term our topic will be ‘good to be me’, including impulsive and thoughtful behaviour, making choices, peer pressure and dealing with feelings.


Homework will be set on Friday and is due back on Tuesday. This will include maths and times tables, spellings and comprehension. Please could you check your child’s homework when it is completed and sign their homework diary.


Mrs A Emini