Year 5

Topics covered in Year 5 Autumn Term 2018



The children will be following the National Curriculum with daily lessons from various schemes of working including: ‘Maths Match’ and ‘Abacus’ schemes. The children will be reading and comparing numbers to 1,000,000. They will learn the meaning of multiples, factors and factor pairs. They will compare and order fractions and solve problems involving these topics. Homework will be linked to the week’s topic. It is essential that your child learns their tables up to 12.


These lessons will be taught using lesson plans from Literacy and Language. Each week your child will be given homework linked to specific aspects of literacy, as well as a list of spellings which will be tested the following Tuesday.

It is essential that you encourage your child to read a wide variety of books in order to develop their understanding of language and reading comprehension skills, as well as provide them with a wealth of ideas for creative writing.

Please encourage your child to take an interest in current affairs and children’s news programmes.


We will be covering a topic on ‘Earth & Space’ for the first half term and ‘Forces’ for the second half.


In these lessons we will be learning about ‘Containers’.

Design Technology

We will be doing a project on ‘Bread and Biscuits’.


Our topics for this term will be ‘Developing an interactive game’ and ‘Using codes and ciphers’.

Geography and History

We will be studying ‘Water’ – looking at its importance and usage. We will also begin a unit of study on ‘Archaeology’ which will be linked with our visit to the Thames Foreshore on Friday 28th September.


We will be learning about ‘Body Percussion’ and ‘Stick Work’ this term.


The children will be studying Christianity.


This term the children will have swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Games on Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has the correct school P.E. kit on these days.


The children will be working on a new topic ‘Beginnings’.


Our topic is ‘Family’ & ‘Time’.


It is very important that your child carefully completes the homework. Homework will be given on Friday and must be handed in on Monday.   Other homework tasks will be given out during the week and will be expected back the following day. Daily reading and Reading Journal

Please ensure your child reads on daily basis (including the weekend) for 20-30 minutes. Try to encourage them to read to you, even though they might think they are too old for it! Your child is given a reading journal and we encourage you to write him/her a question based on their reading. The question could be about what happened in the story or could be a creative activity such as designing a poster to promote the book; writing a short poem or creating a cartoon strip. We are looking forward to your support and co-operation.

The children will have access to the ‘Bug Club’ online reading resource and they have been provided with logins and usernames. Please work through the books that are allocated to your child.

Allergies or Medical Issues

Please inform the Nursery and the office if your child suffers from any allergy or has a medical concern.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mrs L Peach