Year 5

Topics covered in Year 5 Spring Term 2018



We will be concentrating on the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems; fractions, shape and space. We will also focus on angles and continue to develop strategies for performing mental calculations. Please ensure that your child continues to learn and practise their times tables each week.


English will be taught using the Literacy and Language Scheme. This term we will be covering the following genres:- poetry, persuasive writing, fairytales, biography and autobiography.


We will cover ‘the history of London’ during this term.


This term we will be studying ‘Llandudno’ and comparing this seaside town with Neasden.


This term we will be studying ‘rules for living peacefully’.


We will be covering the topics of ‘animals including humans’ and ‘living things and their habitat’.

Art & Design Technology

In D.T. we will be designing and making ‘musical instruments’ and in Art we will study the topic of ‘objects and meaning’.


We will be focusing on the topics of ‘dreams and goals’ and ‘say no to bullying’.


We will focus on conversational skills by learning how to express food preferences, as well as name different types of food and by consolidating on their ability to tell the time in French.


Music continues to be taught by a specialist music teacher from Brent. We will continue learning ukulele skills, focusing on chords C, C7, F, G7.


We will cover ‘fusing geometry and art’ and ‘creating a website’.


This term we will be covering ‘dance’ and ‘striking and fielding games’. P.E. will be taught on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child’s school P.E. kit is brought in on these days.


It is very important that your child carefully completes the homework. Homework will be given on Friday and must be handed in on Monday. Other homework tasks may be given out during the week and are expected to be back the following day.

Please ensure that your child reads their reading book on a daily basis.

 The children will have access to the ‘Bug Club’ online reading resource and they have been provided with logins and usernames. Please work through the books that are allocated to your child.


 Mrs L Peach