Year 5

Topics covered in Year 5 Summer Term 2017



We will continue to use Focus English, Collins Literacy, Cornerstones, Writer’s World, Wordsmith and Red Write Inc., to cover themes including recounts, balanced reports, re-telling stories from other points of view and poetry from other cultures.

Would you please continue to ensure your child reads a wide variety of good quality literature as this helps with their creative writing skills.

Spellings are given out every day for testing the following Tuesday.

It is advisable to have a good dictionary and a thesaurus at home for your child to refer to.



Daily numeracy lessons from Abacus Evolve will also continue until the end of term. We will focus on problem solving, data handling, written methods of calculation, fractions and decimals, coordinates, integers and rounding. Would you please ensure that your child knows all his/her timetables off by heart. 



We will be studying: ‘Animals Including Humans” and ‘Materials and their Properties’ this term.



We will be working on ‘We are Games Developers’ and the children will create their own blogs.



Our topic in Art will be ‘Talking Textiles’.




Our topic in D.T. will be “Moving Toys”.




Our topic will be ‘London’. To help with this topic please take your child out and about around London as often as possible




Our topic will be ‘Anglo Saxons’. We will be looking at Anglo Saxon invasions of Britain and how this shaped our country.



P.E. will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has his/her correct P.E. Kit and trainers.




This term we will be following the themes of “Celebrating Difference’ and ‘Relationships’.




The children will explore vocabulary relating to food and they will learn some conversation about sporting activities.



We will be studying “People of Faith”.



Would you please see that your child completes all homework that is regularly set. All homework is linked to topics covered in lessons, as well as grammar and numeracy.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Mr Syed