Year 6 

Topics covered in Year 6 SummerTerm 2018


This term, we will be reading and exploring various literacy genres: stories, formal/impersonal writing, narrative and plays and persuasive text.

We will focus on identifying the key features of the different genres; we will explore characters and settings and focus on different methods of planning for effective writing. 

In reading comprehension, we will focus on discussing own understanding of different texts, as well as looking for evidence and clues in the text, whilst drawing inferences and making predictions. 


This term, we will revise properties and classification of 2D and 3D shapes; draw 2D shapes using ruler, protractor and compasses; revise calculating missing angles by knowing angle facts; use a protractor to measure and draw angles in degrees; identify and name acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles; understand perimeter, area and volume; find the perimeter of rectangles, find the area of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles, the volumes of cubes and cuboids; revise reading and interpreting different types of data display. 

We will also explore binary numbers; solve mathematical puzzles; including using multiplication facts, find digital roots and look for patterns; explore Fibonacci sequences and Pythagoras' theorem.


We will be exploring ‘Properties of Light’. In this topic, children will learn to describe how light travels and how shadow is formed and we will carry out investigations and predict outcomes. We will also explore different body systems though the topic of ‘Animals including humans’. 

History/ Geography

In history, children will be studying Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. In geography, we will be looking at Rivers/Mountains.


This term we will be focusing on conducting research into the potential market for their app; using an online survey together with interviews or focus groups; collecting and analysing data of a survey; planning and running interviews as well as presenting findings. 


We will be planning and designing landscapes and fairground rides as well as making aircrafts.


We will continue studying Buddhism and we will study about Pilgrimage in different religions. 


We will continue with music lessons from the Brent Music Service focussing on ‘Samba Drumming’.


P.E.will be on Wednesday and our topic is games. 


The children will be working on two new topics: Relationships and Changing me.

French Conversation

Our topic will be “My Holiday’ in which we will be learning vocabulary and phrases relating to places of attraction. We will also learn conversational skills and we will revise expressing opinions.


Homework will be set on Friday and is to be returned on Monday. Spellings will be tested on a daily basis. Other homework tasks may given out during the week and are expected back the following day. 

Please ensure that your child reads their reading book on a daily basis.

The children will have access to the ‘Bug Club’ online reading resource and they have been provided with own login and username. Please work through your child’s allocated book/books.


Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.


Mrs N Barouma