Year 6 

Topics covered in Year 6 Summer Term 2017



This term we will cover the following genres: Newspaper reports, Legends, Persuasive writing, Story writing and narratives.



This term we will continue to develop the children’s skills in mental arithmetic. Children will focus on: ratio and proportion, decimals & percentage, translation and reflection, algebra, money and real-life problems, reasoning about shapes and angles and handling data.



We will cover ‘Light’; in this topic the children will learn to describe how light travels and how shadow is formed. They will also carry out investigations and predict outcome.



This term we will cover developing Apps: create and write an algorithm for my app; convert algorithm into code; testing and improving the algorithm to find the ‘bugs’ in codes.



We will cover ‘Landscapes’ and ‘Fairground rides’ and making aircrafts.



Our topic this term is ‘Pilgrimage’.



This term we will be looking at ‘Rivers/Mountains’ and ‘Anglo-Saxons and Vikings’



We will focus on Cricket and Dance this term.



The children will continue with music lessons from the Brent Music Service focusing on instrumental skills.



We will cover ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing me’.


French Our topic will be “My Home’ in which we will be learning vocabulary and phrases relating to our homes. We will also learn conversational skills and we will revise time.



Homework is given out on Fridays and is collected on Mondays.



Mrs N Barouma