As required by Law, all our pupils are taught the National Curriculum for Literacy and Mathematics. Work is differentiated to provide stimulus and challenge and to ensure that all can access the Curriculum. We believe that children learn to make mathematical connections through an investigative approach and this is a feature of the teaching of Mathematics at Northview Primary School. We believe in a creative approach towards Literacy and that by encouraging children to form and extend ideas and opinions, we can give them the confidence to express themselves in their Writing. We aim to develop of love of reading by providing a wide ranging and stimulating Curriculum.  

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Phonics is a method of teaching children to learn to read and to spell words. At Northview, children learn to read phonetically and by word recognition. Children learn the sounds of the individual letters (and sometimes clusters of letters) in the English language and to blend them to make the word sound.

Phonics teaching begins in the Nursery and it continues until the end of Year 2 unless the needs of the child are such that further phonics teaching is required.

The resources used at Northview are as follows:

  • Reception – Phonics Bug
  • Year 1 - Big cat Phonics and Phonics Bug
  • Year 2 - Big cat Phonics, Phonics Bug and the PAT spelling programme

If you have any queries about the teaching of Phonics at Northview, please contact your child’s class teacher or our SENCO, Mrs. Himadri Raval.


If you want to find out more about our curriculum, please contact the Headteacher, Mr. D. Syed or the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs. N. Rahman who will be happy to answer any questions.