Reading Across The School


Our aim is to promote high standards in reading. We want all children to be able to read with accuracy, fluency and speed; read widely and often for pleasure and information; develop stamina and read longer texts as they progress through the years; build a wide vocabulary repertoire; develop an understanding of grammatical structures for reading, and spoken language. Therefore, we provide all children with a wide range of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry books.


Reading Schemes


At Northview Primary School, we use a variety of reading schemes: Read Write Inc, Literacy & Language, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and Tree Tops to ensure that all pupils read a range of high quality books and to engender a love of reading that will enable them to become independent readers. 

Reading Lists

See below our recommended Reading List, Poetry Books, and Nursery Rhymes for pupils Nursery - Year 6.

We hope you enjoy reading these books with your children as much as we do.


To view Nursery's Reading List, click here.

To view Reception's Reading List, click here.

To view Year 1's Reading List, click here.

To view Year 2's Reading List, click here.

To view Year 3's Reading List, click here.

To view Year 4's Reading List, click  here.

To view Year 5's Reading List, click here.

To view Year 6's Reading List, click here.





To view Key Stage One's recommended Poetry Books, click here.

To view Key Stage Two's recommended Poetry Books, click here.


Nursery Rhymes

Rhyme of the week is shared with parents on weekly basis. We hope you enjoy singing  these rhymes with your children as much as we do.

To view a list of EYFS most popular Nursery Rhymes, click here.


Click here to access an online bank of Nursery Rhymes.


Reading Diaries

Reading Journals and Reading Record books are used throughout the school, but the way in which they are used varies slightly depending on the age of your child. Here is a break down of what happens in each year group.



Each teacher has a set timetable for when Reading records are checked, please speak to your child’s teacher to find out which day this is.

Suggested comments for Reading Record:

  • Read familiar words independently  
  • Able to predict what happens next in the story   
  • Showed good understanding of the text  
  • Read with good expression   
  • Worked out new words independently 
  • Worked out new words by sounding them out 
  • Discussed the story and characters well
  • Used good spoken expression
  • Enjoyed reading this book 
  • Self-corrected own errors independently
  • Used the picture cues and the first sound of a word to work out words
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Able to read this book, but with lots of prompting
  • Struggled to work out a lot of the vocabulary e.g chain, chop and chair
  • Confidently able to retell the story
  • Struggled to retell the story

If you would like further support with this, please feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Suggested comments for Reading Journal:

Here are some suggestions of comments and questions that you can use at home when reading with your child.

Year 1 Bookmark

Year 2 Bookmark

Year 3 Bookmark

Year 4 Bookmark

Year 5 Bookmark

Year 6 Bookmark

Reading assessment

To track pupils' progress in reading, we carry out termly reading assessments. In Reception and Year 1, we assess all pupils using Read Write Inc assessment materials. In Year 2 - Year 6, we use PM Benchmark assessment to assess all pupils' reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills.

The assessment outcomes are used to inform the Phonics teaching groups in Reception & Year 1 as well as the Guided Reading groups in    Year 1- Year 6, both of which take place four times a week.