Topics covered in Reception Summer Term 2019



Our main topic this term will be ‘Animals’.  As part of this the children will be learning about farm animals, wild animals and their habitats. The children will also visit Aldenham Country Park at the end of term. The topics may change according to the interests of the children in the class.  Please remember that for children of this age practical experience is best.


It is now expected that the children will recall many of the words on the original list sent to you in the Autumn term (if you would like a copy, please let me know). 

If your child does not know all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet, please practice these with him/her on a daily basis.  Help your child to use their phonic knowledge to recognise simple, regular words.  When reading, encourage your child to read a range of familiar words and simple sentences independently.  Please make comments in “My Reading Record Book” on their progress.  Encourage your child to write and create their own storyline.



Here is a short list of some of the mathematics the children will be covering this term.

  • To recognise small numbers without counting (1-20) and more.
  • To recite numbers to (at least) thirty.
  • Read, write and order numbers to at least twenty.
  • Write numerals correctly (to at least 20). Find 1 more/1 less from a group of five, then ten objects.
  • Begin to use the vocabulary of adding and subtracting (plus, minus, take away, more than, less than, subtract, count on and back).
  • Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns.
  • Name the basic two and three dimensional shapes and describe them.
  • Know the days of the week and months of the year.
  • Identify 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p coins.


Understanding the World

During this term we will be looking at Mini-beasts and their growth and changes.    We will also be reading and discussing stories from around the world.



Homework will continue to be given out on Friday and should be returned the following Thursday in their book bag.  The children are expected to complete the homework as independently as possible.  Parents are required to read the homework task for the children but after that please let the children complete the work themselves.  An important part of the children’s work is that they learn to self-correct.   It does not matter that the homework is the neatest in the class – but that it shows the child has attempted to work with some independence.  Some children will need a little more direction and encouragement than others and it is up to you how much or little you intervene.  Most of the tasks given will have been covered in class the previous week.  The weekly spelling test will continue.



The children will be learning how to navigate simple ICT equipment such as beebots, I-pads and torches.  They will also be introduced to calculators and pretend shopping tills in learning activities.


Expressive Art & Design

The children will be learning how to explore, experiment and construct using a variety of art equipment (which will include pastel chalks, paints etc.).  The children will also be taking part in weekly music sessions every Monday; they will explore different instruments, music and sound.



P.E.will be on Friday. Please ensure that your child has a school P.E. kit labelled with their name. Although we take every precaution to ensure that the children take care with their P.E. kit, it is only by you labelling the children’s clothing, that we can resolve issues of lost kit (and uniform).  Please check every few months that your child’s name is still visible, as ordinary pen washes out after a few cycles in the machine.



The majority of children have been very good at returning their library books.  Please ensure that the children return the books on the day allocated.  If a child does not return a library book, they will not be allowed to select another one.  Library books are not for the children to read alone but are selected to share with an older person, parent, brother or sister.  The children will be expected at some point, to talk about the books they have selected.


Bug Club & Mathletics

The children have access to the ‘Bug Club’ online reading resource and have been provided with their own login and username. The children also have access to Mathletics, an education website specialising in the improvement of pupils’ mathematical skills.

Please encourage your children to access both resources to develop their reading and mathematical skills.


Daily reading and reading record

Please read with your child on a daily basis for 10-20 minutes.  Your child is given a reading record where you can add a short comment every time s/he has read to you.  Teachers check the reading record on a daily basis and will give your child a stamp every time they have read at home.  When 20 stamps are collected, your child will receive a certificate/reward for being a proactive reader.  We look forward to your support and cooperation.


Mrs H Raval