Year 3


Topics covered in Year 3 Summer Term 2019




This term the children will explore a range of texts. They will also work on letter writing, poetry, non-fiction texts, dialogue and plays, as well as modern stories and legends.  Children will write for a variety of audiences and will be encouraged to read and discuss different texts in whole class and small group settings.


Please continue to ensure your child reads a wide variety of books as this helps with their creative writing skills.



The children will cover a variety of topics for the required Curriculum in Year Three.  Children will work on addition and subtraction sums crossing the tens boundary, multiplication, division, fractions, weight, money and 2D/3D shapes and creating/interpreting bar graphs.  The children should also learn their 6, 7 and 8 times tables.



This term we will be looking at ‘Forces and Magnets’. The children will continue to develop their skills in planning and carrying out fair testing, predicting results, recording results and drawing conclusions.   


We will be looking at our local area and where we are located on a map. We will also be learning the locality of all the cities in England and comparing each locality.




This term we will be looking at the differences in life during the Iron Age compared to life today.



We will be looking at different places of worship in different religions.  Children will be encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences in class discussions.



We are following the theme of ‘Economic Wellbeing’ and ‘Being a responsible citizen.’



We will be doing two sessions each week until half term.  One of these sessions will be attending swimming lessons at Willesden Sports Centre on Tuesday mornings and athletics on Wednesday afternoon.  



We will be working on emailing and video conferencing within school and collecting and analysing data opinion polls.



This term we will be making our own bread and sandwiches/snacks.



In Art and Design we will be investigating ‘Can we change places?’



We will be continuing with the Recorder project and preparing for a concert in June.



We will revise numbers to 30, days of the week and will introduce the months so that the children are able to give the date in French.  We will be looking at the world’s countries, their names and languages, in particular those where French is spoken.



  • Swimming on Tuesday mornings and athletics on Wednesday afternoons.  
  • Homework will be given out on Friday and returned the next Tuesday.
  • Reading books and records MUST be brought to school every day.
  • Spelling/times table tests every Friday.


Bug Club & Mathletics

The children have access to the ‘Bug Club’ online reading resource and have been provided with their own login and username. The children also have access to Mathletics, an education website specialising in the improvement of pupils’ mathematical skills.

Please encourage your children to access both resources to develop their reading and mathematical skills.


Daily reading and Reading Record

Please read with your child on a daily basis for 10-20 minutes.  Your child is given a reading record where you can add a short comment every time s/he has read to you.  Teachers check the reading record on a daily basis and will give your child a stamp every time they have read at home.  When 20 stamps are collected, your child will receive a certificate/reward for being a proactive reader.  We look forward to your support and cooperation.




Mrs A Emini