Welcome from the Headteacher

We offer a warm welcome to you and your children.

We have high aspirations for all of our pupils and aim to instill a love of learning, which they can carry with them through their lives.

We take great pride in our diverse community, valuing every child as an individual.

We strive to ensure that all of our children achieve their full potential in learning and life skills, in order to become valuable contributors to their community and to a global society.


                                                     Our School Mission and Values Statement

At Northview we aim to nurture children to become independent learners with positive attitudes that help them to succeed and inspire others. This encourages self - respect and respect for others promoting success and a desire to achieve excellence.

    Our INSPIRE Values

  • Inspiration – in our school we encourage children to be an inspiration to each other and to learn in partnership
  • Nurturing – we aim to provide a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment that nurtures excellence in learning
  • Success – we encourage all children to achieve the highest standards in all that they do
  • Positivity – we aim to encourage all children to believe in their ability to succeed and achieve their goals
  • Independence – we believe that all children should become independent, critical thinkers with the ability to express their own views
  • Respect – through respecting themselves and other people we achieve respect as valued members of the community
  • Excellence – we use our daily learning to shape the path that we take tomorrow to achieve excellence