Pupil Premium

Letter from David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, Pupil Premium Awards 2015

What is the Pupil Premium?

Northview Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for the children in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and children who are in the 'Looked After' category. 

Funding received 2012-13 £66,038

Funding received 2013-14 £98,159

Funding received 2014-15 £114,400

Funding received 2015-16 £112,695

Funding received 2016-17 £105,000

The aim of the grant is to address inequalities between the children who receive Free School Meals and those who do not.


Planned Budget Allocation 2016/17    
   Item   Annual Cost Balance
Pupil Premium Grant 2016-17       £105,000.00  
Academic Interventions      
Support for Y6-Lunchtime   £1,562.00  
Support for KS1&2     £12,611.00  
Support for Early Years   £1,537.00  
Teacher led KS1     £24,633.00  
Teacher led KS2     £41,796.00  
121 Tution     £15,500.00  
Booster       £5,000.00  
Pastoral Interventions  
Irish Dancing     £3,040.00  
Breakfast Club     £380.00  
Trips/Uniform/Milk     £5,500.00  
      TOTAL £111,559.00 -£6,559.00

Barriers to Learning

Just like all children, disadvantaged children are of all levels of ability. However, these do not always have access to some of the resources and opportunities available to others and this can have an impact on learning, attainment and progress. To redress this, we offer extra support programmes.


The Support We Offer

The Governing Body, in partnership with the Head teacher, have decided that this grant should be allocated for use as follows: -

  • Additional one to one or small group tuition programmes for disadvantaged children who need a boost to their learning in order to reach their potential; for example, small group reading, writing or maths tuition.
  • To support children's learning in the classroom by effective use of additional adults ensuring that the disadvantaged children have their needs clearly identified and their progress closely monitored.
  • Enrichment programmes to support the wider educational needs of those children on Free School Meals, such as helping to fund their school trips and attendance at extended school’s activities, for example Breakfast and After School Club.
  • We support families by offering a free school uniform every academic year.
  • We Provide free milk for those children who apply.


Impact in 2015 -16

  • Children attracting the pupil premium attained very well in Reception class. Every child attained the Early Learning goal in the Primary Areas and in Literacy and Mathematics. 100% left the Reception class with a good level of development in all the Early Learning Goals.
  • Children at the end of KS1 did not obtain statistically as well as other pupils. A contributing factor to this was the size and makeup of the group. The gaps between disadvantaged pupils in the school and all pupils nationally were as follows; reading (-4%) and mathematics (-3%) and disadvantaged pupils at Northview outperformed non-disadvantaged pupils nationally in writing (+4%). It is likely that disadvantaged children performed at least as well as if not better than disadvantaged children nationally. We will provide an update when this information becomes available.
  • At the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) disadvantaged children outperformed others in Mathematics, they were slightly behind in Writing and the gap was wider in Reading. The children’s performance was stronger than all children nationally by (2%) Reading, (10%) Writing and (20%) Mathematics.
  • In other year groups, the results were mixed. In Years 1, 3, 5 and Reception, disadvantaged outperformed others. This was not the case in Year 4.

The overall results show that our work with disadvantaged children and the interventions that we put in place have resulted in improved attainment for members of this group.

This document will be reviewed in July 2017