School Councillors

We feel that our pupils have an important role to play in the issues that affect the children themselves.  We value their opinions and suggestions and encourage them to be responsible members of our community.

Each term pupils in Years 2-6 will have the opportunity to stand as class representatives on the School Council.  Their classmates will then vote for their 2 chosen representatives.


Our School Councillors attend monthly meetings with Mr Syed and Miss Radjabi, where they will have the opportunity to put forward and discuss any suggestions that their classmates have submitted.


The School Council will take account of the available finances and ensure that any recommendations which are made offer value for money.

The members will then provide feedback to their class regarding any discussions and developments.






   YEAR 3     Andreea & Moses       

   YEAR 4     Arham & Asiyah      

   YEAR 5     Maryam & Mikel        

   YEAR 6     Ahmed & Malak